Excerpts from recorded concerts and published CDs.

Classical Solo Music of the Koto: Midare

Solo Music of the Koto:
Meadow Rain

Contemporary music for Koto and Shakuhachi: Shikyoku Ichiban
with Ralph Samuelson, shakuhachi flute)


Contemporary Music for Shamisen and Shakuhachi: Naki Tokoro Nite
(with Ralph Samuelson, Shakuhachi flute)

Chikuzen Biwa (Click for Youtube video): Gion Shoja

Yoko Hiraoka


"The Music of Literary Japan"
CD by Yoko Hiraoka
$18.00 inc. shipping.

The Tale of the Heike 平家物語
1. Gion Shoja [9:26] 祇園精舎
2. Aki no Kotonoha [15:59]秋の言の葉
3. Yashima [12:43] 八島

The Tale of Genji 源氏物語
4. Kiritsubo [13:49] 桐壺
5. Momiji no Ga [13:18]
6. Yugao [12:19]

Total time: [77:33] 奏で Performed by Yoko Hiraoka る Koto, Biwa, Shamisen and voice

Libretto translations and story synopsis here


CD by Yoko Hiraoka
$18.00 inc. shipping


'Evanescence', the fleeting moment, is here captured briefly by the beautiful and compelling Japanese string instruments, the koto and shamisen. Yoko Hiraoka is a senior master of traditional music. Her original, contemporary compositions explore the Buddhist notion of impermanence through the use of 'ma', the Japanese concept of soundless sound'.

'Evanescence' is available by mail. Send $18.00 (shipping included) to:

David Sawyer, 2471 Franklin Ave., Louisville,
CO 80027

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